Christine Roush will be behind bars for 40 years for killing her mother, Teresa Poehlman in July 2017 in a violent encounter that played out in the wooden area around Funks Grove just south of Bloomington, Illinois.  Her friend Matt Isbell is doing a 12-year sentence for his role in the murder.

Christine was 22 when she was convicted. Matt was 24.

The Poehlman murder was featured in a recent episode of Snapped, a series produced for the Oxygen Network. I was interviewed about the case that leaves behind lingering questions for those closet to Christine and the victim, who was her biological mother.  The McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage and his department’s investigative team, along with Christine’s friends, also shared their recollections.

Snapped producers were in McLean County several years ago to talk with me and others about another murder case involving Misook Nowlin.  In that case, the victim was the perpetrator’s mother-in-law, Linda Tyda.  As the show’s name implies, these are stories of people who “snapped” after a dispute reached the breaking point.

Here’s a link to the November 8 broadcast on the Roush case: