The list of first responders who are literally the first in line to help others during this pandemic includes medical personnel, police, paramedics and caregivers at all levels of every facility.

On another branch of the first responder tree are the chaplains who walk the hallways of hospitals and nursing homes, giving their time and compassion to the sick and dying and the medical workers who are all running a race against a devastating disease that knows no limits. On Sunday, David Proeber, photo editor of The Pantagraph, shared his wife’s story of courageous and selfless service.  Rev. Jan Prober is an on-call chaplain for Carle BroMenn Medical Center in Normal.

This week, Jan received the COVID-19 vaccination.  David and Jan view the vaccination as the most special Christmas gift. I agree, and thank Jan for her willingness to comfort those in need, despite the risk to her own health.

Here’s a link to David’s story: