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Time for media to revise the crime beat?

During my years as a newspaper reporter, I wrote countless stories about crime and the people accused of committing those offenses. While some misdeeds were severe and ended with a senseless death, others involved a brief lapse in judgement. People accepted their punishment and moved on.  But the internet has changed how stories are circulated,

Time for media to revise the crime beat?2021-02-09T18:24:18-06:00

Chaplains: the first responders for everyone

The list of first responders who are literally the first in line to help others during this pandemic includes medical personnel, police, paramedics and caregivers at all levels of every facility. On another branch of the first responder tree are the chaplains who walk the hallways of hospitals and nursing homes, giving their time and

Chaplains: the first responders for everyone2020-12-27T15:38:49-06:00

Amanda Knox: Victim of a perfect storm

As a 20-year-old foreign exchange student living in Italy, Amanda Knox was unfamiliar with the plight of people wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. The 2007 brutal rape and murder of her roommate, combined with a botched police investigation and prosecution, changed Knox’s life forever. Knox spent a year in prison before charges

Amanda Knox: Victim of a perfect storm2020-12-11T10:07:26-06:00

Pandemic scrapbook

This year will long be remembered as the year of the pandemic, a time when the entire world struggled to fight off a killer virus that left hundreds of thousands of deaths in its wake. The stories from past plagues that have ravaged our planet were captured in newspaper accounts and family histories, passed along

Pandemic scrapbook2020-12-10T13:54:31-06:00

Roush murder case in national spotlight

Christine Roush will be behind bars for 40 years for killing her mother, Teresa Poehlman in July 2017 in a violent encounter that played out in the wooden area around Funks Grove just south of Bloomington, Illinois.  Her friend Matt Isbell is doing a 12-year sentence for his role in the murder. Christine was 22

Roush murder case in national spotlight2020-11-19T11:12:01-06:00

What will Wednesday look like?

The day after the final ballots are cast, Americans will wake up to a changed nation. If predictions and polls prove to be accurate, we will elect a new president on Nov. 3 and the four-year anomaly of a Donald Trump presidency will come to an end. The next few hours will be a time

What will Wednesday look like?2020-11-19T10:47:56-06:00

Architects of mental health plan see more work ahead

Substantial progress has been made in the five years since McLean County began an overhaul of community mental health, but some of the toughest work lies ahead, according to two McLean County Board members who served as architects for the ambitious Mental Health Action Plan. A National Institute of Corrections study requested by former county

Architects of mental health plan see more work ahead2020-10-01T16:33:51-05:00

A behind-the-scenes look at the demise of Illinois’ death penalty

The abolition of the death penalty in Illinois was a long, arduous process spanning more than a decade. Former Illinois governor George Ryan took the first and difficult step in 2ooo to halt all executions until a thorough review of every death row case could be conducted. I recently talked with Ryan and Pulitzer Prize-winning

A behind-the-scenes look at the demise of Illinois’ death penalty2020-09-29T09:53:49-05:00

Pandemic doesn’t slow progress for mental health center

People forced to stay home during the months-long grip of COVID-19 are facing a second health challenge as anxiety, depression and stress take their toll. A Bloomington counseling center which serves those with little or no health insurance has expanded its services to include children and minority residents – two groups that often have difficulties

Pandemic doesn’t slow progress for mental health center2020-09-15T15:28:02-05:00

Senator Durbin recalls DeWitt County connection

In his recent interview on the Legal Talk Network podcast,  Senator Dick Durbin's recalled his time as a private attorney and his work defending claims against law enforcement agencies. One of those claims was filed against former DeWitt County Sheriff Keith Long whose office was the subject of a series of investigative stories published jointly

Senator Durbin recalls DeWitt County connection2020-08-31T09:25:30-05:00